Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Following the rhythm

I've been connecting to my cycle in a much deeper way than ever before.  I've had 4 natural cycles since removing the Mirena coil and life is going much more smoothly.

Life is full of synchronicity again and the Universe is certainly providing me with lots of opportunities and keeping me busy.  Planning around my cycle is slowly becoming second nature and I'm making much better use of my time.

SAD is threatening to scupper my busy schedule, but I'm prepared...

I have got many projects on the go, and one of them is very special.  Keep an eye on this blog or my website for details of a brand new and original poster that illustrates the energy of the menstrual cycle. 
If you've ever found it difficult to get to grips with the different energies we are blessed with, this will hopefully allow you to observe and understand your cycle better.  It can help those around you to understand how your energy ebbs and flows, and act as a handy chart to refer to at different times of the month.

All will be unveiled soon!

I have also been working on the website design and hope that you like my new look!

With love...

(Photo taken on a late afternoon walk in November)

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