Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bleed on it...

Our menstruation is the most powerful experience a woman can have. We renew, we delve into our own darkness, and if we are not in tune with this, it can cause us so much pain, physically and emotionally. The run up to our period is an unstable time, our inner critic raises it's voice, we become critical of ourselves and others. This voice should be ignored, or quietened... underlying it though, is a message trying to get through, a truth that may be hard to hear.

Maybe it's because you are denying something in yourself or life, you are avoiding your life's path, or are in an unsatisfying situation in life. Past issues that you haven't dealt with properly may come up, underlying the anger you feel towards someone at work or home. We all know it is hard to know which way is up during this time, especially if we lose our centre, start spinning in the madness and lose control...

It is at this time we need to retreat, to dream, rest and go within. Any big decisions should wait till after your period... I offer to you the idea of 'BLEED ON IT' Any choice you have to make, any doubts you have, any life changes you aren't sure of, go into yourself at bleeding time, learn, accept.. LOVE YOURSELF... find the answers. Always wait till after your bleed to make a decision.

Some bigger issues may need deeper exploration or longer 'bleed on it' times. You may need to seek help from a counsellor or therapist to deal with life long or very traumatic times in your life. TRUSTING that you DO know what you need, want and are capable of is important to holding onto you womanly power. Our instincts are amazing, our inner guidance is always talking to us, we just need to listen. By healing our past and our present, we can calm the pre-menstrual rage, we can take control.

The Critic robs us of our self esteem, our confidence, our sanity, we believe we cant make decisions or take on too much. It DIS-EMPOWERS us. It doesn't have to. GET STRONG, feed the good, starve the bad. TRUST yourself. Take time, go with your cycle, don't let others rush you. BLEED ON IT ♥

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