Monday, 23 January 2012

Wear RED at New Moon

Today is a New Moon in Aquarius.

The fresh new feeling Aquarius brings is that of 'YES WE CAN!!'  We can change, we can flow, we can achieve the unachievable!
Be brave and allow the flowing energy to carry your thoughts to exciting places.

Use the flow to rid yourself of things that no longer support you.  Look at the coming year and shed the weight that is holding you back, drop it into the river and watch it be carried away.  Look upstream and see what's coming.  Out with the old and in with the new!

Find a water source.  Preferably a flowing river, or the Sea.  If there is no way to reach an outside water source there are ways you can do this indoors...

Write on a small piece of paper or pieces of paper (or if you prefer, on the back of small leaves), things that you wish to rid from your life.  Maybe it's your lack of confidence, maybe it's body weight, maybe it's a person or situation you are not happy with.  Take your notes to a water source and re-read them.  Visualise the things you wish to see flow out of your life.  Be mindful, be aware....  Drop the notes into the river/sea/water source and watch them leave you.  Sit for a while and say goodbye.  Then turn your thoughts to the new.  The things you wish to bring into your life.  Meditate for a while on these things.  Let your mind go, let it travel, let it dream of how life will be in six months time.  Give thanks for being heard by the Universe, and go about your day, keeping in mind the new things, and forgetting about the old.

If you cannot leave the house, you can do this exercise by writing on pieces of tissue (toilet roll) and flushing them down the toilet!

Be sure to make a note, write down, or create a vision board for the things you wish to create and bring into your life.  Make a contract with yourself and the Universe.  It is harder to break a written contract, even if that is with yourself.


Join up with the Red Day group on Facebook and join other women who are wearing red at every New Moon.  This helps us re-connect at every new cycle with our own female cycles, and is a good way to mark the New Moon energies.  Maybe you don't own any red clothes, or maybe it's not your colour!  If that's the case, paint your toenails red, or stick on that slinky red underwear you normally save for 'special' occasions.  This IS a special occasion!!  Wear red at New Moon and re-charge yourself for the coming lunar month with the energy red brings.

With love

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Indie Shaman Magazine - My cover art and article.

Today, I was given a sneak preview of my 'Spiral Goddess' artwork on the cover of Indie Shaman magazine!

January's edition will also include an article on female Shamanism and the menstrual cycle written by me! 
I'm so excited and this is just the BEST way to bring in a new year!


The magazine will be available from the end of January and is available from Indie Shaman.

Blessed BE!