Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Womb Blessing Attunement with Miranda Grey

Today, with the Full Moon in strong, bold Leo, I tuned into Miranda Grey's first Womb Blessing Attunement.  With over 6000 women joining in with the blessings over the course of the day, it feel like a very powerful event to be a part of.

I decided I would combine this with a cleansing bath.  I added Jasmine essential oil and pure coconut oil to my bath water and climbed in about 20 minutes before the blessing would start.  In the background I played one of my favourite meditation cd's - Jonathan Goldman's Ultimate OM.
In the candle light, I began the Womb Tree visualisation, and kept focus on drawing down the cosmic energies through my crown chakra and branches and drawing up the earth energies through the root chakra and tree roots.  Seeing my womb expanding and growing, almost forming a huge womb-like bubble around myself.
Before or just as the blessing started, I could feel a tightening in my womb.  A definate sensation.

I am on day 28 of my cycle and due to bleed today or tomorrow, so the timing was just perfect.
After about 10 minutes into the attunement, I felt the energy change, The sensation in my womb was much more relaxed, so decided to leave the bath and sit in front of my altar.

On my altar was a lit candle and a glass of water containing a quartz crystal, and a red scarf to represent menstruation.   I sat, feet together, with visions of my womb being filled with positive energy, and the glass of water on the alter being charged with the blessings and energy from Miranda.

I re-focused on the Womb Tree and the connection between my body, the earth and the cosmos.
I put my hands over the glass and saw my own wishes and positive energies pouring into the water.   I then went through a colour chakra technique of pouring fresh colour into each chakra.  Towards the the end of the blessing, I held my hands up above my head and opened my arms out wide, imagining a rainbow of light forming from my hands and encompassing my whole body.
With deep breathing, I slowly drew the energy back in, the bubble getting smaller and smaller and returning into the safety of my womb.

I then went and just laid with the energies until I felt I was back into reality.  The music stopped and the sounds of everyday life slowly became recognisable again.  I went back to my altar and drank the charged water, ate a piece of fruit, and got myself dressed for the rest of the day.

I felt the blessing was very powerful, and I am already feeling the twinges of my imminent bleed.  The rest of the day will hopefully be spent drawing, maybe going for a walk in the winter sunshine and feeling content and happy that I participated.

If you would like more information, please visit http://wombblessing.wordpress.com/.

The next womb blessing event will be on 6th May 2012.  For more information, please go HERE.

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