Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Merry Imbolc

In the depths of Winter, we find the first signs of Spring trying to burst through.
In my part of the world, that's snowdrops. There are little bunches springing up all over the place, reminding us to hold on.. Spring is on the way. The day's are slowly lengthening and soon, the Earth will be warming up.

This is a time of beginnings. It represents the seeds, in the belly of the Earth, waiting patiently to grow. What seeds do you want to plant? What would you like to start now? What would you like to harvest this Summer?

This time represents the phase of menstruation... Day's 1-7 of your cycle. We are well into our bleed and cleansing (day 3-4) and are beginning to dream of the future, of what we wish to nurture during this cycle. Soon the Winter will be over, Spring and pre-ovulation will be upon us. Which areas of your life would you like to grow? Now is the time to be thinking about it.

Light a candle. Light lots of candles! The candle at Imbolc represents a light in the darkness, hope, focus and encouragement. It reminds us that we are nearly through the cold and bleakness of Winter. Use the candle as a focus as you meditate on what you would like to achieve in 2012. Dream and ignite the spark within. By the end of February we should be entering into Spring and pre-ovulation phase.

What idea's do you want to nurture now? In a few weeks we should feel a stirring deep within to action these plans, but for now, dream and plan, be prepared! The seeds are there, ready to begin their transformation, ready to grow and brave the new world above the soil. What would you like to see sprouting and growing in your life?

© Cat Stone 2012

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