Thursday, 3 December 2015


We got the news last night that the UK government has decided to bomb Syria. This is wrong on so many levels and will not help the situation. We are not being listened to. Our government is destroying our country. STOP THE WAR. You are not killing in my name. #notinmyname

I have seen many turn their cover photo's on Facebook black. This is a dark situation, this is a black situation, however, we need light, we need colour, we need hope...

I created this drawing last night. It flowed out, with little direction from me. A spiky rainbow emerged, colours united, angry and wanting to protect the earth and it's people.

Feel free to share and use it as your profile picture to make a stand with light, colour and hope, not more darkness and depression.

If you're on Facebook come and like my page and share/download the image from there. You can find more of my art at

They want us to be depressed and scared. What better way to defy them by continuing to create, to colour the world and bring light into everyday life?


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