Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mandala Painting Workshop

I'm running a Mandala Painting Workshop next month!  If you are local to Winchester, Hampshire, UK, maybe you'd like to come along!


Friends Meeting House, 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester SO23 9LH

Mandalas have been created and used for centuries by many different
cultures. From ancient carvings, monuments, rose windows in churches, Native American medicine wheels and Tibetan sand mandalas. The Circle plays an important part of our spiritual history and development all over the globe.
Used as a tool to aid meditation and spiritual growth, Mandalas are an easy, enjoyable way to connect to your creative and spiritual side, even if you haven’t drawn a thing since you were a child!
Mandalas work symbolically as a container for energy, intention and
vibration, and can allow the creator a space for non-verbal expression.

No previous drawing skills are needed! All are welcome (16+)
You will design and paint your own mandala in a secluded and peaceful
setting. All materials and lunch provided.

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