Saturday, 30 March 2013

Help a fellow sister!

Colette Nolan founder of is looking for funding for her new project 'Honesty'.  The following is from her Sponsume page.
It is our aspiration to become a Community Interest Company called 'Honesty' with the goal to empower and educate women and girls so that they can gain the autonomy and self love to make informed choices about their sexual health and mental well-being.
We want to provide truthful facts about contraception, menstruation, body image and sexual health in a fun and accessible way. We wish to create educational resources and distribute them for free to health clinics, youth groups and community centres. We also hope to run 8 week courses based on the resources.
We need money for our rent, bills and resources. We are asking for £900 which will cover our core costs for three months while we write funding bids for a bigger amount as a CIC.
In return you will be gifted with Cunt themed treats.
With Cunty Love  ({*}),
Colette and Elaine AKA Lady Cunt Love and Madame Mega Muff.
I had the pleasure of meeting Colette on a workshop with Alexandra Pope.  Her ventures are brave and inspiring.  I have personally sponsored, and am looking forward to my cunty badges.

An amount as little as £3 will help.  Go on, you know you want a badge that says I heart my cunt!

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