Sunday, 18 December 2011

Posters are ready for SALE!!


Every poster will come with a FREE GIFT! I like small and practical, so I have designed a small yet very practical tool to help you through each month!

Here are the details!!

A business card sized calendar for 2012. Double sided, full colour, based on ‘The Secret Feminine Energy of the Menstrual Cycle’ Poster by Cat Stone.

On one side, a mini replica of the Feminine Energy Cycle Mandala.
The card includes cycle days, phase and season reminders and a few ‘key’ words to act as a quick reminder of where you are in your cycle.

Carry in your purse or pin to a notice board, as a handy reference guide.

On the other side, a mini 2012 calendar, with marked dates of Full and New moons.
Please note these dates are approximate depending on time zones.

Mark day 1 each month with a pen to keep track of your periods.

SEE a the whole years period dates in one view. SEE how your cycle corresponds to the moon.

From me to you, with love ♥ xx

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